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Search Engine Marketing

Everyone wants their website to be found by users and potential customers. Search Engine Marketing is the practice of enhancing a website to increase the likelyhood of being found for certain search phrases in the major search engines. Search Engine Marketing or SEM, can be broken into two categories: Organic or Natural listings (Free) and Paid listings (Paid Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click).


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, concentrates on improving a sites organic listings. By using best practices of both on-page optimization and external inbound link building, your search engine visibility can be greatly improved thus providing more traffic to your website. Seach Engine Optimization is an involved process that requires regular changes and maintenance. Typically, site optimization takes 6 - 12 months before noticeable results can be seen in search engine rankings. Often clients will embark on an SEO campaign and also do Pay-Per-Click for more immediate promotions.


Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay- Per-Click Advertising or PPC, offer a means to be listed at the #1 search position for a particular search keyword or phrase. Positions are obtained by a bidding process. A website owner who is wiling to bid more money than another advertiser will gain a higher position in the paid listings. Because these listings are only displayed for keywords searches you are targeting, PPC is highly effective means of obtaining customes online. Pay Per Click advertising is offered by Google and Yahoo. Unlike SEO, which takes time to implement and see meaningful results, PPC can deliver targeted visitors in as little as 4 hours from the creation of your campaign.


Our Search Marketing staff has over 6 years experience optimizing websites for natural search placement and 3 years of managing PPC campaigns for a diverse customer base.