MicroNet is an Intel Channel Partner offering Custom Configured
Servers and Workstations Featuring Intel Pentium Processors

MicroNet Custom-Built Servers

MicroNet Associates builds custom-configured server solutions that are designed specifically for the role that they will play on your network.


We carefully analyze your project goals and budget and then create a specification for the hardware components and operating system that will best meet your needs.


Our staff of Intel® trained engineers builds and tests your server and installs and configures the operating system and other software.


Once the server is complete, our integration team delivers and installs your new server.

MicroNet Custom-Built Workstations

MicroNet Associates builds custom workstations, featuring the Intel® family of processors. We offer a full line of network workstation solutions.

Some of our recent custom configurations include:

  • Engineering / Scientific Workstation
  • Multimedia Intel Pentium 4 Workstation
  • Home User/Telecommuter PC
  • Basic Classroom PC

Get Your Network Users Up and Running!

MicroNet Associates can preload your workstations with a personalized image of your organization's network settings and software. Workstations arrive at your office ready to use, saving valuable time and resources.