Approved Vendor for Massachusetts State
Contracts ITC16, ITC16A and ITT13

Massachusetts State Contracts

Micronet Associates has been awarded approved vendor status on the following Massachusetts State contracts:


ITC16 Hardware Services, Computer and Servers Contract – Category 1 – Project Management/Integration

MicroNet, working as a Project Management Contractor, provides one-stop shopping capability for public schools and libraries, allowing them to take advantage of pricing from other IT related contracts and supports their application for E-Rate funding. MicroNet provides direct project management and network integration services for public schools and libraries. We assume responsibility for obtaining commodities and services necessary to complete the project from various contractors while allowing the customer the ease of interfacing with a single point of contact through project completion.

A certified Form 470 is on file for ITC16 for E-Rate purposes. The Form 470 application number is: 527120000462336.

ITC16A - Category 6 Maintenance, Integration and IT Hardware

MicroNet can provide Maintenance and Support for a broad range of IT installed equipment. These services include network and deployment integration services, project management, installation, and help desk services. Maintenance can be provided on an hourly or contracted basis. Additionally, MicroNet can provide IT hardware obtained from approved contract vendors.

ITT13 Internet Services and Hosting Services Category 2 Non-MAGnet Internet and Hosting Services

MicroNet is able to provide Internet Services and Hosting Services to non-MAGnet Agencies, those agencies not operating on behalf of the TCP/IP routed internal Wide Area Network or Massachusetts Access to Government Networks -MAGNet. This may include Internet access services including email, web, & ftp, Hosting services including web pages & applications, Host name registration services, Web site design and management Portal and VPN Services.

These services are available for all eligible Commonwealth entities including schools and libraries. A certified Form 470 is on file for ITT13 for E-Rate purposes. The Form 470 application number is: 701550000415649.